Small Business Counsel

Quality legal representation can be the key to ensuring the success of your business.  Too often small businesses believe that they can’t afford a law firm or that it is too expensive to hire in-house counsel.  Attorney Tim Burns can provide your small business with personalized attention and quality service at affordable and reasonable rates on a project by project basis.

Not properly reviewing a contract, neglecting to review the legality of a marketing, human resources, or operational practice, or allowing another party who does have legal representation to bully you into an adverse settlement create liabilities that could significantly hurt the profitability of your business, or in some cases even put you out of business.  

Have you received a notice that your building or company vehicle has an ordinance violation?  Has there been an allegation that a sales or human resource practice utilized by your company is illegal? Are you ready to sign a contract on the dotted line but haven’t had an attorney read the agreement?  Ready to enter into a new business relationship and want an experienced negotiator to help you seal the deal? Received notice that if you don’t pay off a claim against you someone is going to sue you?  Has a vendor breached their contract and you want to properly terminate the relationship without exposing yourself to potential financial damages?  Have you supplied a product or service and your client refuses to pay?  These are just a few common questions that small businesses are faced with everyday. 

Attorney Tim Burns can provide the guidance your business needs to make smart decisions and avoid costly liabilities. Contact our office for assistance with a variety of legal matters:

  • Answering Basic Legal Questions;
  • Reviewing Contracts;
  • Drafting or Negotiating Contracts;
  • Ordinance/Civil Infraction Defense;
  • Arbitration or Litigation Representation;
  • Debt Collection;
  • Reviewing Legality of Business Practices;
  • Crisis Communications Consulting
  • Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations Consulting;

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